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Readers Respond: How Will You Adjust to the Ban on Anchoring?

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Are you a golfer who anchors a belly putter or long putter when putting? Then you are directly affected by Rule 14-1b (Ban on Anchoring) adopted by the USGA and R&A and taking effect Jan. 1, 2016.

If you anchor, how will you adjust to the ban between now and when it goes into effect?

  • Will you immediately stop anchoring and switch to a different putter?
  • Will you keep using a belly or long putter but without anchoring?
  • Will you continue putting as you currently do, including anchoring, right up until the ban goes into effect?
  • Will you keep using a longer putter, but try different methods such as the arm-lock stance/stroke?
  • Will you switch back to a conventional style?
  • Will you ignore the new rule completely? Will you quit golf in protest?

(Keep in mind that the rule change doesn't prohibit using belly and long putters, just anchoring them.)

If you are a golfer who anchors, tell us how you plan to adjust to the ban on anchoring. (Note: This is not the place to rail against the new rule. If you want to do that, go here. Want we want to know here is how - or whether - you plan to adjust your putter/putting style in light of Rule 14-1b.)

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