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Readers Respond: Share Your Thoughts on Augusta National Adding Women as Members

Responses: 21


From the article: Augusta National Golf Club
On Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, Augusta National Golf Club announced that it was, for the first time, admitting women as members. The club announced Darla Crane and Condoleezza Rice as its first two female members.

What's your reaction? Are you happy and satisfied this move was finally taken? Do you believe Augusta National only gave in to pressure and should have held out longer? Do you care at all, or believe that since Augusta National is a private club it's none of your concern?

Let's hear what you have to say now that Augusta National is no longer a men-only club. Share Your Thoughts

It's their business!

If the dues paying members deemed it the thing to do, it is their right to do so.
—Guest Gene Waits

Boo Hoo Hoo!

Quit blaming the Feminists. "The High and Mighty" at Augusta made the decision all on their own. It's only about thirty years overdue. Tee markers are designated by skill level not by gender. For all you clowns that want to join Curves, get out your signs, put on your walking shoes and march outside the buildings if your so darned concerned about equality. First we laugh! Then they beat us! Then we cry!

Should Have Done It Years Ago

Personally, I don't agree with their choices, but I think they should have done it years ago. There are a lot of retired women golfers, from the LPGA, that should have been given the choice to be first. They earned that choice.
—Guest Clyde D'Antignac

Should have bee left alone

I see nothing wrong with an all men's club, golf or not. If this was politcally correct move it was wrong!
—Guest George

a non issue

There is no reason that men should not be able to have their own private clubs ... just like women can have theirs ... Augusta caved. This has nothing to do about golf.
—Guest bill

Great Decision

I do not believe in political correctness, but I did believe women should have been allowed to join Augusta National.
—Guest John P


Extremely disappointed, however it is Augusta National's choice. There is room left in the golf culture for "Men Only" golf clubs. I do not feel it (men only) has ANYTHING to do with prejudice. But to try to make every thing about "generally", and "normally" is to totally undermine the rights of individuals and creativity. Augusta National should not have been pressured at all. Should the PGA absorb the LPGA? Shall we abolish all "ladies" tee markers. I may well be over the top in this perception, but some things just need to be left as they are and not perverted to please a few whiners.
—Guest J D Hart


Why is it so important for women to be admitted into a (formerly) "Men Only" Club? How many men are clamoring to be admitted into the infamous N.O.W.? Do you think for a moment that those women would allow men to join their exclusive sorority? Of course not! Although I admire Condoleezza Rice, I think it is ridiculous that she had to be accepted as a Member of Augusta National. The next thing you know there will be no more Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, it will be Non-Gender Scouts! Sorry Ladies, but these things are being carried a bit too far. Although there have definitely been inequities as far as salaries, etc., I'm embarrassed by my sisters who want to be treated like men!


Congratulations to those rootin-tootin, hard-driving, never-say-die women who have finally pulled down their personal Berlin Wall at Augusta! You must be just so very proud of yourselves. In the end, it's just "progress" catching up, I guess, but my question is this: with women able to play at every other course in the world, what was the REAL purpose of all this - just to prove you've got bigger balls than the boys? I personally mourn the final passing of a generation of gentlemen of integrity who have been replaced by the current milk-sop, knee-jerk apologists. RIP the Tradition of Augusta. Have a beer for me, Condi!
—Guest singto

What next

Are they going to include female players at the Masters?
—Guest Paviangolfista

About Time?

August National is a private club so therefore who they choose to invite is their own business. What about the Curves workout clubs only for women, if this is about equality then men should be able to join those.
—Guest Mark Reid

Girls have cooties

Okay, let me get this straight. NOW and others have pressured Augusta for years to allow women to join a private club. Now women have been allowed in. The Supreme Court ruled years ago that private organizations could discriminate. Well, I guess I'm running down to my local Curves Gym for Women and demand a membership today. Of course you know what this means. Ladies days, red forward tees and slower play.
—Guest Chauvinist Pig

About Time!

High time. We are reminded every year at Masters time just how anacronistic this group are. It's embarassing in today's world. Now that they have made the first step into the 21st Century, lets go to work on those ridiculous TV coverage hours.
—Guest Gary Robertson

Adding Women as Members

It's about time women are added as members! Next ... LPGA should be playing there.

Past Time

It is ridiculous that Augusta was living in the 19th Century. How do you cheer something that should have been done 50 years ago?
—Guest Gary

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Share Your Thoughts on Augusta National Adding Women as Members

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