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Readers Respond: Best Palm Beach Golf Courses

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From the article: Florida Golf Courses
What are the best Palm Beach golf courses? Here you can read recommendations and suggestions from other golfers about the top courses in Palm Beach, Fla., West Palm Beach and the area, or you can offer your own recommendations.

Think of it this way: You have a buddy heading to the Palm Beach region to play golf. Which course is the one he just has to play? What are a couple other suggestions for can't-miss golf courses in the area?

You can find advice about other cities in Florida on the Best Florida Golf Courses page. For now, check out these recommendations - or offer your own - for the best Palm Beach golf courses. Offer Your Suggestions

PGA National Resort and Spa

The so-called "Bear Trap" ( holes No. 15-17) on The Championship Course is probably the toughest three holes of golf on the PGA Tour. PGA hosts the Honda Classic annually every March and typically 6 out of the top 10 golfers in the world participate. PGA is a perfect destination for a "buddy golf" trip.
—Guest Frank Calaguire

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Best Palm Beach Golf Courses

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