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Readers Respond: Conceding Putts: What are your match play tactics?

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From the article: Match Play Strategy
Do you concede putts in match play? If so, how short does an opponent's putt have to be in order for you to offer a concession? Do you concede short putts throughout the round, or only at certain times or in certain circumstances?

In other words: Tell us what your thoughts are about whether - and under what circumstances - to concede putts in match play.


If it's a friendly, concede short easy putts. If it's competitive in anyway, NEVER CONCEDE EVER. The object is to win and to win you must hole your ball. Why would you ever give away anything for free in competition?
—Guest House


Within a foot of the hole, a putt will be conceded. Otherwise, hole it.
—Guest hacker

Gentlemen's agreement

All the below mentioned opinions do not really meet the context of conceding putts. I mean, conceding should not be a part of tactics it should be agreed on how to concede before starting the game. Then conceding gives momentum, speed and fun. Otherwise it's a little boys game to make the other side feel uncertain.
—Guest Ruobin

Putt it

It don't count until it's in the hole. NEVER CONCEDE!
—Guest Marshall

Why Concede

I don't concede any putts and don't understand why anyone would. The ball entering the cup is the object of the game.

Conceding putts

I prefer not to be tactical about it. If I am playing in a casual friendly round, I concede putts "in the leather" which means if the putt is less than the distance between the bottom of the grip and the putter head, it gets conceded unless it is a putt to win the match. If the match is competitive, I'll concede putts that are closer than the length of the grip unless, again, it is for the win.
—Guest Ken Finkenaur

Various factors

Depends on the player. I play regularly with a friend who misses short putts. I will conced to him only putts within two feet. Generally, concede putts early in the round and not concede in the latter part. Difficulty of the putt. Up hill putt may concede u pto 3 feet. Downhill/sideways sloping only the tap ins.
—Guest Jsh

putts within 18 inches

We decided to mark our putters 18 inches from the blade and concede the putts if the golf ball is within the tape mark. It speeds up the pace of play and takes away the "gimmies" that may be 2 feet or more.
—Guest Joe Someillan

Look at the slope

I concede all short putts that are flat, straight or uphill. I do not concede any sidehill putts of three or more feet as the break can cause anxiety.
—Guest Glftips

how good a putter is the other guy?

That's the key consideration for me. If I'm playing a guy I know is a terrible putter, he's putting everything. If I'm playing a guy who's a fantastic putter, I might give him all putts up to about four feet. Maybe I make him putt the first 4-footer he has, but if he makes it then I give him the rest. But late in the match, I'll make him putt anything outside of two feet. Of course, if I'm behind then my opponent is putting out everything no matter how good he is.
—Guest Jimbo

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