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Readers Respond: Best Golf Training Aids

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From the article: Training Aid Reviews
How many training aids have you tried to help your game? And did any of them help your game? If so, what is the best golf training aid you've used? Submissions are now closed, but you can read how other golfers responded.

Best Golf Net

I have been through so many nets over the past few years and found the ReadyNet from ProAdvanced. Great product.
—Guest peter

The Club Pro Training System

Great, great, great! Made all the difference in my game. Great alignment aid. After practicing with this, I could visualize my set up before making my shots on the course. I went from missing the greens to missing the flag. Absolutely love it. Simple and easy to use.
—Guest bevoverman

my best training aid

a heavy metal donut fitting the shaft of my driver.

training aids

I use a very heavy weighted club, and used to use the strap that Faldo used to connect your arms to your turn. I have often wanted to try the hinged club to improve my plane but have yet to do it.

Core Putting Coach

I tried the Core Putting Coach recently at my golf lesson.. wow! I saw it in the PGA magazine last month.

medicus dual hinged driver

got this about four months ago and the difference is night and day!

Training Aids

The Momentus weighted training driver and weighted 5 iron both with training grips are favorites with me. They teach you how to grip the club properly, shift your weight, and how to swing the club on plane. The Sklz Practice Pod is also great. It's a lightweight alignment aid that fits in your golf bag to take to the driving range. It's thin enough to put next to a club so you don't have to carry it. It is easy to adjust for use with any club. You can also take it apart and use it for target lines on either side of the ball. Finally, the Inside Approach is one of my favorites. It comes in a mesh bag that makes it easy to carry to the course and keep the parts together. It also comes with 3 great training DVDs.

trainning aids

Medicus dual hinge 5 iron, Hogan's 5 lessons. These have helped my swing in every respect!

best training aids

Have tried numerous training aids over the last five years. Only aid I still use is Whippy TempoMaster five iron and three wood.
—Guest ken wolf

Inside Approach

I've tried a bunch of training aids and most of them are garbage. But the Inside Approach I really like. It really does force you to get more on plane if you're one of those golfers like me who was always plagued by an over-the-top swing. It's really helped my out.
—Guest Harold Kumar

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