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Readers Respond: How Do You Mark the Golf Ball for ID Purposes?

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Before beginning a round of golf, each golfer should mark the golf ball for ID purposes. Some of us use a simple dot or other insignificant method; others get more elaborate. Some golfers mark their golf balls with symbols, initials, dates or some other means that carries special meaning to them. How about you? What do you mark on the golf ball to ID yours? How do you mark the ball?


I write "Nacho" on mine. That way if I lose it and someone else finds it... It's nacho ball. Give it back!
—Guest Dusty


I write "Nacho" on mine. That way if I lose it and someone else finds it... It's nacho ball. Give it back!
—Guest Dusty

How do you mark your ball?

I use Stamp it Oz markers - easy, small and amazing. Love these little stampers!
—Guest Dally


When I was in high school I drew popular cartoon characters on mine. I don't get to do it all the time anymore and I don't use them on water holes, but a few survived. They are normally Looney Tunes or Peanuts related characters. I used to draw the Pink Panther on my grandfather's.
—Guest Kknec619


II clicked this link hoping to get some new ideas and I see two people say things I do. Funny. I like the EZ suggestion. Sometimes I write BGF - for Ball Go Far.
—Guest Jenksy


I'm a little OCD about my golf gear, so I put the same number of dots above the number on the ball (ex. number 4 above the logo, put 4 dots above the 4). Then, I draw a line halfway across the ball, over the side stamp where the manufacturer usually puts what kind of ball it is. Lastly, I put my inititials on both sides of the line.
—Guest Jack Kern


I put red, blue, black, silver dots all over my ball, they look like they have the measles. My friends think I'm nuts but you can spot my ball from 20 feet. I think it looks good.
—Guest Artie'

Yo, X-Man!

I put huge Z's on both sides of mine, so I don't have to bend over to check it. Your X reminded me of a tip: a fresh X with a felt tip sharpie on the back of your ball will tell you X-actly where you are striking the ball when you look at the face of the driver!

Rubber Stamp

I use a rubber stamp - with canada flag, or happy face.
—Guest Rock Boucher

In memory of my brother

My brother's name was Patrick (Pat), but his nickname was The Big P. So I mark my balls BP 511. BP for his nickname, 511 the anniversary of his death. It helps keep him close by.
—Guest LaurieK


Though I've played golf for 48 years I still don't bother. I've been caught once or twice with a player in my group with the same ball make and number and one of us changes. Reason - pure laziness, there's no other excuse. My wife scrawls several lower case "A"s all over the ball and I describe it as "the one with graffiti" when I identify it. Even played with a guy who had found one of hers and was using it once!

X marks the spot!

My online name is x-15a2, and one of my interests is the X-Planes of the 1950's throught the 1970's. (http://www.x-planes.net). I write a red X in front of the golf ball's number, so my golf balls are marked X-1, X-2, etc.

Reminder Logo

I put the letters EZ on my ball. Not my initials just a reminder to swing EZ
—Guest Chicago

Brighter Orange Line

I am an Okla State fan, so I use a bright orange Sharpie. Sometimes you have to buy the 24 pack to find an orange but it's worth it.
—Guest Harry

Red Dot

I use a red dot. My father's nick name was Red and my mother's nick name was Dot.
—Guest Bob Moore

How do you mark the ball?

How Do You Mark the Golf Ball for ID Purposes?

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