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Share Your Story: My Best Golf Shot Ever

By Gerry Teigrob

The Situation I Was In

I had been playing well with my 2-iron off the tee. For the previous two years I had been a member at the South Interlake Golf and Country Club. I had used my 2-iron off the tee a few holes earlier on a par-5 hole and managed to poke it out 287 yards. I came up to the 17th hole facing a 340-yard drive and a decision of whether to use my driver or my 2-iron again!

The Shot I Pulled Off

I teed up and lined my 2-iron, ready to go. I hit it really pure - and it flew off my oversize clubface and I just watched and watched it as did my dad. I couldn't have placed it better because it ended up some 310 yards - cleared the lateral hazard by quite a bit and only had a short pitch with my pitching wedge to the green. I had never hit my 2-iron as far as both those shots went, so this drive pretty much blew me and my dad away - I just couldn't seem to hit that far with my own driver then!

Tips and Tricks

  • It made me realize how much better my long-iron game was than I had figured it was - and with it being as straight and as long as it was, it really blew me away!
  • I will always enjoy using my long irons, even if now I am using long iron hybrids.
  • I know that I still have the ability to hit long irons well as long as I am consistent as I get to play more regularly.
  • I will never underestimate the value of long irons in my set - I even have 1- and 2-iron hybrids today!

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