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Holing Out With a 5-Wood

Share Your Story: My Best Golf Shot Ever

By Kamrin Baker

The Situation I Was In

Par 5 Number 17. Lewisburg Elks, Lewisburg, WV.

The Shot I Pulled Off

The hole plays 453 yards, all uphill. I hit a 230-240 yard tee shot to the left center of the fairway. Then, I told my grandpa I was going to hit a 5-wood to try to salvage a round under 80. The ball flew straight up and I told him it was either in the hole or in the road. When we made it to the green, I didn't see anything but a small black spot, so I went with the road theory. Turns out, the black spot was a divot and my ball rolled back 2 feet into the hole for a double-eagle, for my first hole under a birdie. Double-eagles (albatrosses) are far more rare as holes-in-one. The odds for a hole-in-one is 13,000 to one. Double-eagle odds are over 6 million to 1.

Tips and Tricks

  • I learned that I can hit a club I don't usually trust if I just trust in myself.
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