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Share Your Story: My Best Golf Shot Ever

By Charlie

The Situation I Was In

Two occurances in one round made this round memorable, especially since I started playing golf only 12 months ago. On the par 3, 4th hole, my drive went only 30 yards. On the par 4, 16th hole, my drive went OK in distance but I had a bad lie, feet above the ball.

The Shot I Pulled Off

On my second shot hole #4, around 80 yards from the cup on a green that slopes badly to the right, my 9-iron shot hit the green to the left of the cup and it rolled right, right into the cup. Then on the par four, 16th hole, my second shot with my 7-iron went straight for the cup, about 115 yards away. After looking all over the green, someone said, "Look in the cup." It was in there. Eagle and bird in the same round.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep a calm mind. Don't get upset after a bad drive, and don't get too elated after a good drive. Each shot is a shot unto itself. Always, back to basics.
  • Recovery is as important as any part of the golf game.

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