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Share Your Story: My Best Golf Shot Ever

By Michael Roxas

The Situation I Was In

My best shot ever took place on 01/04/2006 at Scholl Canyon Golf Course in Glendale, CA. It was on the 16th Hole, an 87-yard par 3. I used a pitching wedge. I was playing a casual round of golf with my son and cousins.

The Shot I Pulled Off

I was on the 16th hole, par-3, and told myslef that I would keep my head down and swing very smoothly. Since I only had a pitching wedge (and no other higher lofted wedges) I had to swing with a lot less power because of the short yardage. After I hit the ball, I waited a few seconds longer than normal, and then looked at my ball flying in the air. I saw it land on the green and roll slowly towards the pin. I noticed that my ball had disappeared, but thought that it was just "hiding" behind the flagstick. I remember telling my son and cousins that I would make "birdie" for sure. My cousin got to the green first, looked into the hole, and then yelled "It's in the hole!" He instinctively pulled the ball out of the hole and then threw it at me. I must have gotten so excited that I left my putter on the green (since I had no need for it!). The foursome behind us actually brought the putter to me. I just remember replaying the shot in my mind over and over that day. I was very happy and kept thinking how I had beaten such unbelieveable odds in getting a hole-in-one.

Tips and Tricks

  • My experience taught me that the most relaxed swing is always the best swing. I had made a conscious effort to keep my head down and swing smoothly, and it turned out to be the most pefect swing that I have ever made (and I am still trying to repeat this swing again to this day).
  • I learned that anyone, of any ability, is capable of making the "perfect swing."
  • I learned that even the least expensive equipment can yeild good results. The golf club I used was a Ram pitching wedge.
  • I remember feeling disappointed that I didn't get to pull the ball out of the hole since my cousin did it for me.

Brent Kelley, About.com Golf, says:

Michael's ace is also detailed (including a photo) at this page.
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