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Drill: Use Your Big Muscles In Putting for More Consistent Stroke

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By Matt Fields

Drill: Use Your Big Muscles In Putting for More Consistent Stroke

(Click photo to enlarge) A Hank Haney IJGA student practices putting with a bungee cord.

Drill: Use Your Big Muscles In Putting for More Consistent Stroke

(Click photo to enlarge) Another student works on 'staying connected' using a bungee cord.

My Name

Matt Fields, Director of Golf at Hank Haney IJGA

My Experience

Matt Fields is the Director of Golf at Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy on Hilton Head Island, S.C. He has been a PGA Member for 10 years and formerly worked as a PGA Professional at Pinehurst Resort, also for 10 years. Several of Matt's students play on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

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How my tip will help:

According to Hank Haney, the difference between being "good" and "great" at every level of golf is short game and putting.

One of the main things we focus on at the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy to improve our students' putting is using the big muscles in their shoulders and upper back to eliminate the smaller muscles of their hands and arms in the putting stroke.

Here's my tip:

Use a small bungee cord and put it around the front of your elbows and around your back. This will help keep your arms connected to your body. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to swing the triangle created by your arms and chest in a pendulum putting motion using shoulder and upper back muscles.


  • With repetition, you will get the feel of controlling your putting stroke using your big muscles and not allowing any separation or disconnection. The smaller muscles in the hands and wrists are much more inconsistent than the bigger muscles of the upper back, chest, and shoulders. By engaging the body's larger more stable muscles, the results will be a more consistent pendulum stroke.

Brent Kelley, About.com Golf, says:

For a closer view of the way the bungee cord is used, click on the photos above to enlarge and view them at full size.

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