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Increase Clubhead Speed and Distance Through Better Rotation

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By Brant Kasbohm, PGA

My Name

Brant Kasbohm, PGA

My Experience

Mr. Kasbohm is the Director of Instruction at Fixyourgame.com, a website where students can upload a video of their swing or putting stroke and get personalized analysis and instruction from PGA Professionals. He has been a PGA Member since 2000.

How my tip will help:

This tip will help you make a better rotation using the large muscles of your shoulders and torso, which will increase clubhead speed and distance.

Here's my tip:

A common flaw among high handicap amateur players is that they swing the club away from the ball by lifting the club up with the hands and arms rather than by rotating the torso. So here's how to make sure you rotate your torso in the backswing.

If you focus on keeping the grip of the club (and therefore your hands) in front of your sternum on the backswing, your sternum should point at the grip of the club on the backswing. This means that your hands can't move without the large muscles of the chest and torso leading the way. Be sure to rotate your torso as much as your flexibility allows. Don't worry about where the club is at the top of the swing. Too many people try to get the club to a position parallel to the ground and do so by lifting/manipulating it with the arms. It's more important to make a full rotation than it is to get the club to a parallel position.

Check your rotation by placing a club on the ground between your legs with the butt of the club pointing at the ball. At the top of your swing, your front shoulder (left shoulder for a right handed player) should move behind (to the right of) this club. This provides good visual feedback about your rotation. If you lift the club with your hands, your front shoulder will never move behind the ball.

After you make a good rotation on the backswing, be sure to accelerate the club through the ball so you finish your swing with your weight forward (left side for a right handed player), and you're facing your target.

By using the large muscles of the torso instead of the hands, you'll be able to generate more clubhead speed and therefore increase your distance.


  • Rotate the club back by using the large muscles of the torso, and not by lifting it with the arms.
  • Make sure the butt of the club stays pointed at your sternum during the backswing.
  • Check your rotation by placing a club on the ground between your legs with the butt of the club pointed at the ball.
  • Accelerate the club through the ball, not at the ball, until you finish your swing with your weight forward and you're facing the target.
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