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Relax, Just Do It for Good Golf

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By Ernest Solivan

Relax, Just Do It for Good Golf

Book cover of Ernest Solivan's 'Mastering the Mental Side of Tournament Golf.'

My Name

Ernest Solivan

My Experience

I am a peak performance mental coach and developed a success technology called Hemispheric Kinesiology. I have written several books on the mental side of athletics, including Mastering The Mental Side of Tournament Golf (compare prices). It documents my work with PGA & LPGA tour players.

My Web Site(s)


How my tip will help:

My tips will help you understand how the hemispheres of your brain affect your performance on the golf course and what you can do to miminize and/or eliminate those uncharacteristic mental errors that prevent you from playing your best.

Here's my tip:

The key to playing your best during your rounds is to remain relaxed while executing your golf swing or putting stroke. The reason is that when you can remain relaxed during your golf swing or putting stroke, both hemispheres of your brain will function at maximum capacity. When there is stress present in your physical body it causes one or both hemispheres of your brain to weaken or switch off. It is when the hemispheres of your brain are in this weakened state that you will hit a duck hook off the tee or miss a 3-foot putt to save par.


  • Using your imagination on the driving range is very effective in helping you prepare for your round. For example, pull out your driver on the practice tee and imagine you are going to tee off on the first hole. Hit your tee shot and see where it goes. If you hit a good shot, chances are you will hit a good shot when you really tee off. If not, hit another one imagining that you are on the first tee and keep hitting until you hit a good shot. Imagine you are playing the first hole and pull out a 6-iron (after hitting your imaginary good tee shot), choose a target out in the fairway and repeat the process.
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