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College Golf Scholarships for Girls

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By fmantua

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Learn about scholarship opportunities for girls.

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A lot of parents who have a daughter have heard about the tremendous opportunities for girls to play college golf. In 2010, there are 217 Division I and 90 Division II colleges that offer girls golf scholarships. The NCAA estimated that in 2009 more than 200 out of approximately 1,800 girls golf scholarships went unused. That sounds crazy and leaves you wondering why.

The simple reason is that there are not enough young girls playing golf. With the implementation of Title IX, colleges are required to have the same numbers of athletic scholarships for females and males. This provides a huge opportunity for female golfers. Throw in the fact that a Division I women's college golf team can have up to six full scholarships for girls (5.4 scholarships available in Division II), while only a maximum of 4.5 for boys (3.6 scholarships available in Division II). Usually these scholarships are split between all the members on the team, but you can see it's a lot easier to get close to a full scholarship as a female.


  • With all this opportunity, what does your daughter need to shoot to play at the college level? The standard as of 2010 is this: If a high school girl can shot around 95 in tournament conditions, college is a possibility. If she's in the 80s, there will probably be some scholarship money available.
  • Keep this in mind - if a female golfer has a scoring average under 80 in college, she is considered an excellent player. Remember, that is for Division I golf. There is also Division II, III and the NAIA. So you can see, scoring for females in college is very different than males.

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