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Five Beginner Tips for Women Golfers

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By Michele Trimarche-Smith

Five Beginner Tips for Women Golfers

The author, golf instructor Michele Trimarche-Smith.

My Name

Michele Trimarche-Smith

My Experience

A PGA/LPGA Teaching Professional who has been recognized as one of America's "Top 100 Instructors in the Northeast" by Golf Magazine. Also named by Golf for Women Magazine one of the "Top 50 Teaching Professionals in America." Twenty Two years of experience in the golf business.

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How my tip will help:

The National Golf foundation recently found that 40-percent of the 2 million beginner golfers in the United States are women. Women are turning to the links for fitness, leisure activity with friends and family, and to conduct business. Many women may have questions on how to get started in the game, particularly with regard to equipment, practice, lessons, and etiquette. Here are five tips for beginning women golfers.

Here's my tip:

1. Find the Right Fit: Properly fitting equipment is key to learning proper technique. If you are committed to learning the game, make the initial investment in proper equipment. You do not need to buy the most high tech or expensive clubs, just clubs that fit you. You can get your club measurements from a qualified clubfitter at your local golf course. Remember, hand-me-down clubs or borrowed clubs may be accessible, but are counterproductive in learning proper technique.

2. Learn your lessons well: Take a series of five lessons from a PGA/LPGA Teaching Professional. Learning the fundamental techniques such as grip, swing, club choice, and short game from a professional instructor will teach you the basics, which many people miss when they take up the game. It also cuts through all the "helpful suggestions" you might receive from your fellow golfers. A small investment in early instruction will save you years of later instruction.

3. Practice makes permanent: Go to your local driving range at least twice a week on a regular schedule. While at the range, incorporate the lessons that you learn from your instructor. Work on all aspects of your game, from putting to driving. Remember that inconsistent or random practice will make for inconsistent or random play, so stay focused and keep the date with you.

4. Have to be in it to win it: The bottom line you have to get out and play - at least two full rounds a month even if they are just 9-hole rounds. Remember that you are learning the game; so during the first two years of playing the game, focus on developing your game rather than on score. Try different shots, test the different clubs in your bag for different shots. Remember, you are still learning, so do not put pressure on yourself.

5. Join the crowd: Join a local beginner's league to improve your overall game. Many public and municipal courses have 9-hole beginner leagues for women. Joining a league will provide the opportunity to practice your technique in a competitive, yet casual environment with players at your own skill level. Call your local public course to inquire about beginner's leagues.


To recap:
  • Get the right fit in your equipment.
  • Take a series of 5 lessons with a PGA or LPGA Professional.
  • Practice what your were taught and only practice as long as you can focus. Play as many holes as you are comfortable.
  • Join a league at your local public course; or, if you are at a private club, get involved with the 9-hole group.
  • Learn to experience a prolonged state of joy every time you play, regardless of the scores you shoot. In doing so, you might find that the results you seek will soon follow.
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