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Drill to Get the Driver Face Square at Impact

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By lhovey

Drill to Get the Driver Face Square at Impact

Mt. Airy Casino Resort (click to enlarge)

My Name

Chris Zelenko

My Experience

Zelenko is a PGA Golf Professional and Course Manager at Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos. With over 30 years of experience in the golfing industry, Zelenka has worked as a Class A-1 member of the Professional Golfers Association at resorts from Stroudsburg to Atlantic City.

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How my tip will help:

Many people have a hard time with their driver since it is so big. This tip will help golfers keep control over their driver for a strong, straight hit.

Here's my tip:

When using a driver, it is important to control the club and keep the face square to the target. The face of the club cannot be at an opened or closed angle. The difficult part is swinging the club back and keeping the face square through the followthrough swing. A 2-degree closed clubface will relate to the ball going 25 yards left of the target and a 2-degree opened clubface will relate to the ball going 25 yards right of the target.


  • Zelenka suggests an easy drill to keep the driver face straight. Tee up your ball, put your feet together and try to hit the ball only 100 yards.
  • This helps slow down the swing so that you can focus on starting and ending with a square face.
  • Once you can consecutively hit a ball 100 yards, try going 150.
  • This is a great drill to get your drive straighter and help you understand how to get the club returned to squared at impact.
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