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Reader Submissions: Faults and Fixes


Faults and fixes: Slices and hooks, pushes and pulls, tops, chunks, shanks, skyballs. Every golfer has known those and many other faults. What are the fixes?

These faults and fixes are written by teaching professionals - golf instructors - and other golf pros. Click a title below to read about that fault and learn a fix.

And if you're a golf professional and would like to add your Faults and Fixes expertise, you can submit your tip.

To Correct a Slice, Learn How to Hook the Ball

Slicing is a problem that afflicts as many as 75-percent of all golfers to one degree or another. If your golf ball is curving weakly to the right, here are a few things that may help you:Strengthen …More

Use Intermediate Target to Improve Golf Alignment

Ever wonder what the Tour pros are looking at when they stand behind their ball before they play a shot? They're picking an intermediate target to align themselves to. An intermediate target is somet…More

Improve Set-Up Position to Cure the Shanks

Many golfers shank the ball from time to time while some, you could say, are afflicted with the shot. The majority of shanks happen when the ball comes in contact with the hosel of the club (the poin…More

Set Up Like Pro Golfers to Achieve Proper Swing Motion

Hitting down on the ball is a misconception fostered, I believe, by a misunderstanding of the dynamics of a correct golf swing. This can be explained by looking at what happens during the swings of …More

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