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Going Whole Hog on Harley Davidson Golf Cart Customization

Share Your Story: Custom Golf Carts

By Gary Belec

Going Whole Hog on Harley Davidson Golf Cart Customization

Harley Davidson "mimi hog" after picture (click to enlarge)

Going Whole Hog on Harley Davidson Golf Cart Customization

This is the before picture (click to enlarge)

The make/model of my custom cart is:

1979 Harley Davidson Gas 1 cylinder cart

It was customized by (company/location):

Gary Belec in Wittmann, Arizona.

My customized cart cost:

A bunch!

Why I wanted a custom golf cart:

I enjoy building one-of-a-kind carts. Real attention getters!

How my ride is customized

Started out with a stock Harley golf cart and decided to do a motorcycle theme. It has a rebuilt single cylinder engine, customized top, low profile tires and wheels, Harley fishtail exhaust pipes, motor cycle seats, sissy bar backrest with pads, Harley primary cover (just for looks), maltese cross taillights, new carpet, paint, pinstripping, polished aluminum accent diamond plate pieces and floor board, saddlebags, chrome steering shaft, turn signals, wrapped steering wheel, Harley air cleaner cover on pass side.

I built two of these identical carts and sold them both within two hours of showing them. The pics are worth a thousand words.


  • Find old carts and do something unique to them. It's really a ball to see people's reaction when they see these for the first time.

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