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Titleist 909F2 3-Wood Provides Great Distance, Trajectory

Reader Reviews: Titleist Fairway Woods

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By swanskpr

Name of product: 

Titleist 909F2

How much I paid: 


My Review 

When I hit it correctly off the fairway, it is amazing to watch the ball leave like a bullet, penetrating straight out on a low trajectory, then kick into overdrive and change to a medium or even higher trajectory as if the after burners kicked in. Though the 3W is my toughest club for consistency, this Titleist gives me a lot more confidence from tight lies. I have hit some of my most memorable shots of last season with it. It has rivaled my driver for distance when struck correctly.

Rate the Feel (5 is best) 

5 stars

Rate the Distance Performance 

5 stars

Rate the Forgiveness 

3 stars

Rate the Looks 

5 stars

Club specs 

Titleist 15-degree 3-wood, reg flex. Lamkin Midsize Crossline grip

About me 

10.9 handicap, play 3-4 times per week. Age 55.

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Brent Kelley, About.com Golf, says:

This review was published on Dec. 30, 2010.

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