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5-Stars for Scratch Golf AR-1 Irons - and Customer Service

Reader Reviews: Clubs by Scratch Golf

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Royko

5-Stars for Scratch Golf AR-1 Irons - and Customer Service

Scratch Golf AR-1 iron (click to enlarge)

Name of product: 

Scratch Golf AR-1 Irons

How much I paid: 

$1,099 (plus $250 for leather grips)

My Review 

It is not often, taking my cynical buyer's personality into account, that I am 100-percent satisfied and happy with my purchases. However, Scratch Golf managed to enter that small window in my consumer satisfaction vision.

I played the G15 irons, after having to give up my CG1 blades, and though the G15 irons do the job of forgiveness and getting the game to a satisfactory point (I sincerely do not have anything negative to say about the G15s), I was never entirely comfortable playing oversized irons as a golfer who takes his game to the point of obsession. I watched others playing with me using their forged irons and felt my confidence slip as a golfer.

I pretty much tried everything since giving up my blades for oversized irons and just didn't feel the love.

Totally out of character and out of desperation for forged irons, and being a fan of Ryan Moore's approach to golf, I decided to contact Scratch Golf and try their wedges. So I got the number online and the phone was answered by Ari Techner, whom I learned later is the CEO of Scratch Golf - my first shock that the CEO actually took calls from customers!

We spoke about my game and I hinted I may be interested in wedges and Ari took the time to explain his product to me, and at no point promoting his irons, just listening and answering. I got off the phone and researched the Scratch website and called Ari back regarding Scratch irons, and he asked me to try to define my game over an email. I did and he recommended the AR-1 irons and I ordered them with the 1018 wedges.

I don't live in USA and I have never bought golf equipment without trying an iron first, so this was a first for me, and the Scratch equipment is not cheap. Ari understood this and took a lot of time with me over email and phone calls to help me make the right shaft decisions, etc. He also helped me order a driver and the shaft I wanted and had his technicians put it together exactly as I wanted, at no extra charge. I also ordered leather grips on all the equipment. Ari even went shopping for me and got me some Callaway i(s) balls and a groove brush, unbelievable! These things are hard to get in Israel.

I received the equipement and have played a few times and I am lost for words, I feel good about my equipment, hitting well, and in fact I the first time I hit a 3-iron in a year, and with so much ease and comfort. The wedges are a conversation stopper, the best wedges I ever played with, nothing else I can say.

Rate the Feel (5 stars is best) 

5 stars

Rate the Looks 

5 stars

Club specs 

3-PW, KSB Tour 90 shafts, stiff, soft, stepped

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Brent Kelley, About.com Golf, says:

This review was published on Jan. 12, 2011.

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