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Reader Reviews: Golf GPS Units

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By KLH007

Name of product: 

Golf Guru

How much I paid: 

$125 Used

My Review 

This is the basic black & white screen model. They offer terrific customer service, fast response and solve issues. This does what I need, distances, scoring, and stats. I can mark specific hazards or distances on any hole. It lets me measure shot distances to keep the bragging in check. It has worked flawlessly and met my expectations, good product. I expect the pricier color version to be just as good.

Ease of setup 

Very easy

Ease of use on course 

Very easy

What I like best about it 

Easy to get distances, score, & stats.

What I like least about it 

Screen could be bigger & easier to read in full sunlight.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Brent Kelley, About.com Golf, says:

Compare prices for GPS Golf Guru units

This review was published on July 8, 2010.

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