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How Far Am I Golf GPS App for Android

Reader Reviews: Golf GPS Apps

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By John Farrell

How Far Am I Golf GPS App for Android

Cost of app: 


Approximate date of download: 


Name of app 

How Far Am I? (for Android)

Name of mobile device this app was used on 

Hero (Sprint) Made by HTC

I downloaded it from 

Phone market widget

My Review 

Pros: Simple to use. Minimum info, but is very accurate as far as distance to center of green. Has all the golf courses I have played in my area, already in phone. Really comes in handy when a course is not marked properly. Best of all it's free.

Cons: Only gives the distance to the green, not bunkers or hazards etc.

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Brent Kelley, About.com Golf, says:

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