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Reader Reviews : Golf GPS Apps


It didn't take long for applications for smartphones and mobile devices to find their way into golfers' lives. And golf GPS apps are some of the most popular. But how do you know which golf GPS app is best for you? One way is to find out the opinions of golfers who've already tried them.

If you have downloaded and used golf GPS apps, you can add your review of those products here. And if you're looking for ratings and recommendations on golf GPS apps, read the reviews here.

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Golfer Loves Striker Golf GPS App

I have been reviewing golf apps for a while now looking for a good combination of price and value. Out of the GPS apps out there, Striker Golf GPS was by far the best in function and in value. Not on…More

Mostly Good Functionality for UK Golfer from Intelligolf

This has the potential to be a first class combination of Android for the course backing up to powerful desktop software.It is essentially a scoring app linking to the desktop.The Android app allows …More

Striker App Is a Hit with This Golfer

I have used a Sky Caddie since 2008 and although it served its purpose in terms of calculating front, middle, back distances to the green, it didn't give me the yardage info I needed from arbitrary a…More

Golf Pad: No Cons

I believe the Golf Pad to be a very good app. It is free but works very well. It was very accurate when tested against markers on courses. The courses load very fast and it finds courses in the area …More

Birdie Apps a Good (But Currently Hard to Find) GPS

Birdie Apps is the best golf GPS app that I've seen so far. It's an HTML5 web application, so just load it in your browser and voila - a full featured GPS app. The pros are the speed, the advanced fe…More

Change in Platform, Change in Performance

Used this app on my Blackberry in the past and it was adequate. Downloaded the Android version and quite frankly it is rubbish. Locks up, takes ages to redraw the screen, constantly prompts you to pu…More

No Battery Issues with Free GolfLogix

Contrary to what some say I have had no battery problems. You follow the usage tutorials on YouTube and you will have no problems. I play 18 holes and use less than half my battery. You just can't le…More

No Logic In a Drained Battery

GolfLogix sells an app online. They warn you that the app may use up your battery, if you don't turn off the screen between shots. Bull! This app drained my battery, totally. Even after I shut off th…More

FreeCaddie Does the Job at No Cost

This app is great. It is very accurate, just pick your course, let it know what hole you're on, and bam, there is your yardage. I stood next to a guy that bought a nice GPS from Dick's Sporting Goods…More

New Version Puts IntelliGolf 'Back in the Game'

This is once again the "best golf app" in the market after years of silence from IntelliGolf, Inc. I have found the latest IntelliGolf version 11.0 software to be "much improved." It now includes all…More

Golfer Has Battery Drain Issue with GolfLogix App

Was never able to complete a round before battery was too low to continue. Even with the RAZR Maxx, around 14 holes (2.5 hours on my home course) was the best I could do, with all the features disabl…More

'Swing' App Misses

Skip this app, not worth it, even for free. Constantly redraws the screen with big sections missing and you must wait for the complete picture to form. Never could seem to know what hole I'm on. I ju…More

Golfer Says You Get What You Pay For In Free Version

What a disappointment. All they were interested in is selling the champion version ($$$). After each hole it would want you to select champion version. Even worse, it came with commercials. That's wa…More

GolfLogix App Logical Choice for this Golfer

I found the GolfLogix app for iPhone to have plenty of courses, it allows you to save any one you want. Gives you the option to use just GPS or aerial with distance to hazards, front, middle, back of…More

Golf Pad Covers the Bases For GPS App

I used several apps before: FreeCaddie, SkyDroid, GolfLogix, etc. Some lacked scorecard, some stats, some killed battery before I can finish a round. Golf Pad came out as a winner. By far the easiest…More

Rave for Skydroid App

Highly recommend this.After initial fee, no further costs. Umpteen thousands of golf courses available with free and fast downloads.Info is spot-on and user supported. You may add any golf course tha…More

Bad Customer Service Experience

This application caused my phone to freeze numerous times during the round. I contacted customer service - and have heard that many other users have done the same - but they sent me a "fix" that didn…More

Free Caddie Good With Just the Basics

The free version of Free Caddie that I use shows you 3 numbers. Top number is distance from where you stand to the back of the green. The middle number is to the middle of the green and the bottom nu…More

5 Stars for IntelliGolf Eagle Golf GPS App

This is one of the best applications that I have on my BB. I love it. It gives me GPS-based distances to the front, center, and back of the green. It keeps all of our scores, adds up our wagers, and …More

Intelligolf GPS Has Fallen Behind

This was great in its day. However, despite my and others urging, they seemed to stop development and have fallen behind. They never ported the desktop app to the Mac, nor did they support the iPhone…More

Intelligolf Eagle Edition Golf GPS App

ProsIf you are a stat tracker this is a very good app. If you purchase the desktop edition and sync your rounds from phone to desktop you will have more stats than you will know what to do with. Alth…More

How Far Am I Golf GPS App for Android

Pros: Simple to use. Minimum info, but is very accurate as far as distance to center of green. Has all the golf courses I have played in my area, already in phone. Really comes in handy when a course…More

Skydroid app for Android phones

This is an excellent program, and an incredible value. I've been able to find a course map of every course I've needed. The program is extremely easy to use and is as accurate as any of the $200-$300…More

Greenfinder Golf GPS App

ProsThe new graphics are very good. Aerial view option is great feature to use to pick target area from tee box to get a yardage that may not be listed on the "range view."Course database is extensiv…More

GolfShot GPS for iPhone Review

I have 5 total and 2 I bought Golf GPS systems...Pro:Provides both number yardage and aerial viewCan adjust aerial to layup shot on screenShows distances to layup markersGolf statistics for driving d…More

SkyDroid Golf GPS App for Android

This is a good app for the phone - it gives you the distance from the hole and also does an actual overhead view so you can look at the hole via GPS.If your course is not on the list you can go on th…More

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