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Wilson's "Hope" Set Supports Breast Cancer Research


Wilson Hope Golf Clubs

Wilson's "Hope" set is sold as a complete, packaged set.

Wilson Golf
Updated July 16, 2004
Wilson Golf's latest set of clubs for women will be of interest not just for the clubs themselves, but also for the fact that a portion of the company's profits on the set goes to breast cancer research.

October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the new set from Wilson is designated "Hope."

The Hope set is currently being sold as a complete set in Target department stores in the U.S. The set includes a 390cc driver, No. 3 and No. 5 fairway woods with graphite shafts, eight irons (4-iron through pitching wedge) plus a sand wedge and a heel-toe balanced putter. Also included are three headcovers and three Hope golf balls.

All the Hope clubs are embellished with a pink ribbon, the breast cancer awareness symbol, allowing the golfer to demonstrate her support each time she visits the course.

Each time a Hope product is purchased, Wilson will donate a portion of the profit is to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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