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Women's Golf - Learn More and Explore Women's Golf

If you're looking for information on women's golf - from news and stats to health concerns to women's golf equipment - this is the place to start.
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Best Instructional Books for Women Golfers
What are the best golf instructional books written for women golfers? Here is a list of recommended titles.

Top Golf Instructional Videos and DVDs for Women
Here is a list of recommended videos and DVDs for women golfers, instructional tapes that are geared specifically to women.

Women's Golf Club Reviews and News
Find the latest news and reviews about women's golf clubs.

Wanted: Your Women's Golf Club Reviews
Have you bought a women's golf club, or a complete set of women's clubs? Or are you considering doing so? Here you submit your ratings of ladies clubs to share with other golfers, or you can read reviews already submitted.See submissions

Famous Women Golfers: Biographical Profiles of Golf Legends
Learn more about the best female golfers ever. Famous women golfers are profiled here with biographies from A (Amy Alcott) to Z (Babe Zaharias).

What Do You Expect from 'Ladies Golf Clubs'?
When you hear about or are shopping for ladies golf clubs, what are your expectations? What does the term mean? Does the phrase conjure up thoughts of technology for you, or is it more about style?

What Makes a Golf Course 'Women-Friendly'?
You've heard the term 'women friendly golf course' - but what does it mean? Read what women golfers have to say when asked to define what makes a course or club women-friendly.

Are There Differences, Besides Cosmetics, in Men's and Women's Golf Clubs?
Manufacturers sometimes specify a club as being for a particular gender. But are there any differences, other than cosmetics, in men's and women's golf clubs?

Top 50 Female Golfers of All-Time
Who are the greatest women golfers of all time? The About.com Golf Guide counts down the Top 50 Female Golfers of All-Time.

Women's World Golf Rankings
Read about the women's world golf rankings, including how they are calculated, and find the leaders at the end of season.

LPGA Majors - LPGA Major Championships
The history of the LPGA's majors is varied. The identity of the tour's major championships have changed over the years, as has their number. Here's a rundown, plus lists of past champions.

Venus Says Women Need Wider Stances
Debbie Steinbach, a k a Venus, writes that most women golfer's need to widen their stances at address.

Women Golfers Using Fitness Programs to Go the Distance
Professional women golfers have made great strides in distance. What can recreational golfers learn from their techniques?

Improving Core Strength Can Help Women Add Distance to their Golf Game
Golf-specific strength training can help women golfers, too. Annika Sorenstam proved that improving your core strength can help a woman golfer add yards.

Poll: Should Women Be Playing on the PGA Tour?
Controversy over women playing in "men's tour" events continues - mostly from male golfers. What do you think? Is there anything wrong with a female golfer playing in a PGA Tour event?

Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)
Complete news and information on the LPGA, the top women's pro golf tour in the world. Find player bios, tourney results, shop for equipment and more.

NCAA Golf - Women's Programs
The NCAA's Golf homepage includes polls and rankings, links to school websites and more info about women's amateur golf in the U.S.

Executive Women's Golf Association
The EWGA is a group that helps women break into the "business golf" arena long-dominated by men. Find out more about business golf and look for a chapter near you.

Ladies' Golf Union (LGU)
The Ladies' Golf Union is the governing body for women's amateur golf in Great Britain and Ireland.

Women's Golf of New Zealand
This site is heavy on news and results from New Zealand women's tournaments. It also offers sections on rules and juniors. Check out the tip of the day.

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