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Golf Movies


Welcome to the Golf Movies hub on About.com Golf, where you can share your own opinions, read ours, check out golf movie reviews, list your favorites or name the worst golf movies, and more. Many of the articles listed below are interactive, in that we encourage you to share you own opinions.

Best Golf Movies

Caddyshack - Best Golf Movies
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber
What are the best golf movies? That's a matter of opinion, of course - and we have ours, and you probably have yours. Here is where we list our picks for the best golf movies. (See the page linked below to add your favorites.)

Wanted: Your Golf Movie Reviews

The Greatest Game Ever Played - Reviews of Golf Movies
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
Have you ever read a movie review and thought, "Hey, I could do that!" Or wondered how cool it would be to be a movie reviewer? Here's your chance. You love golf, you enjoy movies, so add your own golf movie reviews here and we'll publish them on About.com.

What's Your Favorite Golf Movie?

Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius - Favorite Golf Movies
Bobby Jones Film
On this page, we ask you a simple question: What's your favorite golf movie? You can name your favorite and tell us (and other golfers) why you like it so much; or you can list your Top 5 or Top 10 golf movies. Jump in with your own opinions, and read what other golfers have to say.

Worst Golf Movies

There are plenty of good golf movies out there. But, unfortunately, there are also some real stinkers. Movies that are bad just on their own merits, or movies that might have been good but are ruined by actors who look ridiculous attempting to play golf. What are the worst golf movies? Here's another chance for you to share your opinions. Tell us what you think.

Favorite Golf Movie Quotes and Scenes

Tin Cup - Quotes from Golf Movies
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber
On this page you can share your favorite lines from movies, those quotes you find yourself repeating. Or tell us about your favorite scene from any golf movie.
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