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Pro Golf Tours, Tournaments and People


The world of professional golf is full of great stories, from interesting players to major championships, from tournaments to team competitions, from the origins of the game through the present day. Explore the world of professional golf and the people who play it here.
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Tiger Woods - 2008 Buick Invitational

Who are the best male and female golfers in the world? Here are resources relating to famous golfers - the people who provide the personality behind professional golf.

Major Championships

In the world of professional golf, there are some tournaments that stand out above others in importance. We call these events the "major championships," and winning a major is what matters most to pro golfers.

Team Competitions

Solheim Cup Trophy

Interested in the Ryder Cup or other team competitions in professional golf? Here are resources that will help you find the information you need.

Pro Golf Tours

The world of professional golf is divided into men's and women's tours, a handful of which constitute the highest levels of golf.

Golf Almanac

Jack Nicklaus - 1978 British Open

What is the golf almanac? It's the place on About.com Golf where you can find statistics and records relating to professional golf. Who has won the most tournaments? Who has posted the lowest scores? Page through our golf almanac to learn of the greatest accomplishments in professional golf.

Golf History

Want to know more about the origins of golf and the professional game? And the milestones down through the years? Here are golf history resources to check out.

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