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The Amazing Story of the Only Par-4 Hole-in-One in PGA Tour History


Andrew Magee made a hole in one on a par-4 during the 2001 Phoenix Open

In 2001, Andrew Magee scored the only par-4 hole-in-one in PGA Tour history.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

In the history of the PGA Tour, there has been only one hole-in-one to date on a par-4 hole. It happened at TPC Scottsdale, home of the Phoenix Open (then called the FBR Open).

The hole was No. 17, the year was 2001, and the golfer was Andrew Magee. But the circumstances were anything but normal.

Magee, just an average driver of the ball, didn't think he'd be able to reach the green on the hole, which that day measured 332 yards from tee to green. So he didn't wait for the group ahead to clear the green. Instead, he teed up, and - steaming over a double bogey one hole earlier - muscled up. He let loose with the driver, and his golf ball went farther than he expected.

The ball went so far that it ran up onto the green while the group of Steve Pate, Gary Nicklaus (yes, Jack's son) and Tom Byrum were still putting. Magee's ball bounded onto the green and caught Pate by surprise, who jumped out of the way and warned Nicklaus a golf ball was coming. But Byrum was squatting down studying the line of his putt and failed to notice.

Magee's ball ran through Byrum's legs and struck Byrum's putter. The ball ricocheted off Byrum's putter, caromed about eight feet, and dropped right into the cup. Hole in one. Ace. And still the only par-4 ace on the PGA Tour, and surely one of the more unusual aces of any kind in tour history.

The incident also produced a fantastic quip from Nicklaus' caddie, Rusty Uresti, who said afterward, "It was the first putt Tom (Byrum) made all day."

Alas, no video exists of Magee's par-4 hole-in-one hitting Byrum's putter or dropping into the cup.

Aces on par-4 holes on other tours both preceded and followed Magee's at the 2001 Phoenix Open. In 2013, Jason Kokrak aced a 409-yard par-4 hole at the PGA Tour's McGladrey Classic - but not in the tournament itself, rather in the pro-am that preceded the tournament.

On the Hooters Tour (a third-level tour in the United States) in 2006, Andrew Tschudin aced a 357-yard par-4 during the tour's Bayou Classic.

Perhaps most famously (aside from Magee's hole-in-one in Phoenix) was a 1971 par-4 ace in Great Britain. Today's European Tour didn't come into existence until 1972, so technically, this ace didn't happen on the Euro Tour. But it did happen in a significant European event of the time, the Martini International, and it was the second consecutive ace - two aces in two holes - for the golfer who made it. Read more about it.

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