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Golf Tours, Golf Tournaments and Events

Find information on professional and amateur golf tours, golf tournaments and the major events in golf.
  1. Amateur Golf (48)
  2. Golf Organizations (13)
  3. Pro Golf Tours (109)
  4. Team Competitions (73)

Golf Rankings
The Official World Golf Rankings and Rolex Rankings are the best-known golf rankings, but there are more. Find them here, for pros, amateurs and juniors.

World Golf Championships (WGC)
Learn more about the World Golf Championships, or WGC, and the tournaments that make up the series.

Olympic Golf
Olympic golf existed in the dark past - and will likely exist again in the future as the International Olympic Committee considers adding the sport to the 2016 Summer Games.

Golf in the Olympics - Share Your Thoughts
How do you feel about golf in the Olympics? Good idea or not? Excited, or just a big yawn? Share your thoughts here.

Greatest Golf Shots Ever - The All-Time Greatest Golf Shots
What is the greatest golf shot you've ever seen? Add your opinion and read what other golfers have said.

My Best Golf Shot Ever
What is your best golf shot ever? Read stories other golfers have shared about theirs, and tell the story of your own.

Does The Players Championship Deserve to Be Called a Major?
The Players Championship is, by near unanimous acclimation, the most important event on the PGA Tour outside of the four majors. Many call The Players Championship the fifth major and suggest it deserves to be accorded major championship status.

Golf with Dad - Your Favorite Memory of Golf with Dad
What is your favorite memory of playing golf with your father? Share the story here.

Father's Day and Golf
Father's Day and golf have always gone well together, because so many golfers share the game with dad - or with their children.

Tips for Successful Golf Tournament Planning
What are some of the things that go into successfully planning a golf tournament? Here is a brief list of tips for things to do to make your golf tournaments is a success.

The Greatest Game Ever Played - Movie Info

PowerPlay Golf: New Format Promises More Excitment in Less Time
What is PowerPlay Golf? It's a new golf format designed to create more excitement and strategy while taking less time to play. Learn more about it.

"Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius"
Find information including cast bios and a behind-the-scenes look at production for the movie biography of Bobby Jones, "Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius."

Major Championships
Check this section to find information about golf's major championships, both on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour.

Golf Tournaments
Find information about how to play amateur and recreational golf tournaments, along with schedules from the pro tours, plus tournament profiles and winners lists from the PGA Tour, European Tour and more.

What Are the PGA Tour Slow Play Rules and Penalties?
The PGA Tour has a slow play policy that could result in a player being penalized strokes. Read about the pace of play rule and potential penalties on tour.

2016 Olympics Golf Tournament
When will the 2016 Olympics golf tournaments be played, and what will it look like? Here is information about the tourneys.

Teeing Off
Rickie Fowler earned his first win on the PGA Tour at the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship. View photos from and read about that victory.

Footgolf is a sport that combines golf and soccer. Learn more about it, including how to find golf courses that allow footgolfers.

FedEx Cup Points Series on the PGA Tour
The FedEx Cup is a seasonlong points chase on the PGA Tour. Here is some information about how it works and what the points list determines.

Teen Winners in Pro Golf: Are They Here to Stay?

Best Ever Champions Tour Golfers
Who are the best golfers in the history of the Champions Tour? Count them down, from No. 10 to the all-time best, No. 1.

First Par-4 Hole In One on the PGA Tour
The first hole-in-one ever on the PGA Tour was made under very unusual circumstances.

World Golf Hall of Fame Makes Major Changes to Election Process
The World Golf Hall of Fame announces major changes to its eligibility criteria and election process, beginning with the Class of 2015.

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