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Tiger Woods

The Tiger Woods Index on About.com


If you are looking for Tiger Woods on About.com, you've found Tiger Woods Central. Here we index our major Tiger Woods articles and features, including a biographical profile and photo galleries. Ten Tiger Woods features are listed per page, so be sure to click through to the second and third pages for more items.

Vote: How Many More Majors for Tiger?

Poll: How many more majors will Tiger Woods win? (click your choice to cast vote)
1) None
2) 1
3) 2
4) 3
5) 4 (to tie Jack Nicklaus' 18)
6) 5 or more (to break Nicklaus' record)

Woods Has Back Surgery, Misses Months

Tiger Woods underwent back surgery on Monday, March 31, 2014, and withdrew from the 2014 Masters. The link above provides the early details that were released about the surgery.

Woods wound up returning to action at the Quicken Loans National, less than three months later. He missed the cut in that first tournament back.

Tiger Woods Pictures

Tiger Woods - 2008 Buick Invitational
Donald Miralle / Getty Images
Flip through these photo galleries of Tiger Woods at various golf tournaments.

Tiger Woods FAQ

Find answers to specific questions about Woods' golf career and also his personal life with this FAQ.

Tiger Woods Biography

at the 2006 Target World Challenge
Photo © Rich Hodge; used with permission
This biographical profile of Woods includes facts and figures on his PGA Tour records, plus background on the great golfer.

Tiger Woods Quizzes

at the WGC CA Championship
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
Think you know a lot of Tiger Woods trivia? Here are four quizzes to test your skills, four quizzes that focus on different periods of Woods' career and life. Try one, try them all.

Tiger Woods Wins

victories posted by Tiger
Photo by Zeke Quezada, About.com Las Vegas for Visitors Guide
Here is the list of career PGA Tour victories by Woods, numbered from the first (1997 Las Vegas Invitational) to the most recent, and organized by year.

Elin Nordegren Pictures

Elin Nordegren Woods
Andrew Redington / Getty Images
A photo gallery of Tiger Woods' glamourous wife (she's Swedish, and a former model - a potent combination), Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Woods Jokes

The good, the bad and the ugly. Most of these are one-liners from the aftermath of the 2009-10 scandals, but there are some other types of jokes, too.

Tiger's Temper: Throwing Clubs

Tiger Woods 2005 Presidents Cup
Sam Greenwood / Getty Images
What got Tiger in trouble with Watson (see first item)? Presumable, his temper. Here is a photo gallery of some of Tiger's tosses.
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