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Tiger Woods' US Open Wins


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Tiger Woods Wins the 2000 US Open
Tiger Woods 2000 US Open
Jamie Squire / Getty Images
Tiger Woods' first U.S. Open victory was arguably the best performance by a golfer in major championship history. If it's not No. 1, it's very close.

Woods dominated Pebble Beach and the field. His lead after the first round was one; after the second round, six; after the third round, 10. And he finished with a 15-stroke margin of victory.

Tiger was the only player under par, and he was 12-under par.

This victory started Woods' "Tiger Slam" streak of winning four consecutive majors.

Top 5 at the 2000 U.S. Open
Tiger Woods, 65-69-71-67--272
Ernie Els, 74-73-68-72--287
Miguel Angel Jimenez, 66-74-76-71--287
John Huston, 67-75-76-70--288
Padraig Harrington, 73-71-72-73--289
Lee Westwood, 71-71-76-71--289
Full Scores

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