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Tiger Woods PGA Championship Wins


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Tiger Woods 2007 PGA Championship
Tiger Woods 2007 PGA Championship
Stuart Franklin / Getty Images
Jack Nicklaus once said that he never really paid attention to the number of majors he'd won until a reporter told him, after Nicklaus' 13th major, that he had tied Bobby Jones for the all-time lead (Jones won seven professional majors, but his six amateur majors are often combined with that number for a total of 13). With his second straight PGA Championship and fourth overall, Tiger Woods tied Bobby Jones' 13 total majors. And only Jack Nicklaus' 18 majors was ahead of him.

It wasn't easy. It was a brutally hot week in Oklahoma at Southern Hills Country Club. And when Woods bogied the 14th hole of the final round, his lead was down to one. But no problem: Woods birdied the very next hole to get the lead back to two, and that's where it stayed.

Top 5 at the 2007 PGA Championship
Tiger Woods, 71-63-69-69--272
Woody Austin, 68-70-69-67--274
Ernie Els, 72-68-69-66--275
John Senden, 69-70-69-71--279
Arron Oberholser, 68-72-70-69--279
Full Scores

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