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Tiger Woods PGA Championship Wins


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Tiger Woods Wins the 1999 PGA Championship
Tiger Woods 1999 PGA Championship
Craig Jones / Getty Images
The 1999 PGA Championship is one of those rare majors that is remembered almost as much for who didn't win as for who did win. Which is really saying something in the Tiger era.

The guy who didn't win was Sergio Garcia, who was then only 19 years old. The iconic moment from this tournament is the footage of Garcia taking a blind whack at a ball up against the tree, then sprinting up the fairway and leaping into the air to see where it landed.

But while Garcia has the iconic moment, Woods is, well, iconic all by himself. His victory here - by one stroke over Garcia - was his second major, two years after his first at the 1997 Masters.

Top 5 at the 1999 PGA Championship
Tiger Woods, 70-67-68-72--277
Sergio Garcia, 66-73-68-71--278
Stewart Cink, 69-70-68-73--280
Jay Haas, 68-67-75-7--280
Nick Price, 70-71-69-71--281
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