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Tiger Woods Masters Wins


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Tiger Woods Wins the 1997 Masters
Tiger Woods 1997 Masters
Stephen Munday / Getty Images
Tiger Woods was 21 years old and a true golfing phenom. His legend was growing, but it wasn't yet cemented. Until Woods arrived at Augusta National Golf Club in April of 1997 and ran away with his first major championship victory.

Woods became the youngest Masters champion. His 18-under score and 270 total set new scoring records. His 12-stroke margin of victory was the largest in Masters history.

The photo above marks the changing of the guard in golf, the passing of the torch. Nick Faldo, the 1996 champion, slipped the Green Jacket onto Woods' shoulders, and golf turned the page from the Faldo-Norman-Price era to the Woods era.

Top 5 at the 1997 Masters
Tiger Woods, 70-66-65-69--270
Tom Kite, 77-69-66-70--282
Tommy Tolles, 72-72-72-67--283
Tom Watson, 75-68-69-72--284
Paul Stankowski, 68-74-69-74--285
Costantino Rocca, 71-69-70-75--285
(Full scores)

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