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Tiger Woods Masters Press Conference


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Tiger Woods Sunglasses 2010 Masters

Woods said that he has returned to a daily meditation routine.

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Q. Did you only realize that after it became public?
TIGER WOODS: After I started going to treatment, that's when they started stripping all of that away from you.

Q. Your behavior, personal life before Thanksgiving, do you think it negatively impacted your play on the course at all? Could you have been playing better had you had more discipline in your personal life?
TIGER WOODS: I would like to say yes. I would be - certainly would have had - I would be more centered, more balanced, and that's where I'm headed towards. That's what I'm working towards each and every day.

I meditate religiously again like I used to, going back to my roots with my Buddhism with my mom. I need to do these things the way I used to do it. And unfortunately I got away from that, and I just lost that and unfortunately also lost my life in the process.

Q. The story about the doctor you were working with has been out there for several months, and it led to some assumptions that you just denied, obviously people writing or speculating that you might have been doing performance-enhancing drugs, why not talk about that sooner to get that put aside? And you referenced your Achilles - was that two months before you came back to golf last year?
TIGER WOODS: OK, why didn't I come out; because I haven't done any interviews, first of all. And when I did, you know, Kelly and Tom, I don't believe asked me those questions.

But as far as the injury, yeah, it was the week before the Chevron tournament, and yeah, so it was a couple months prior. It's also one of the reasons why when I did come back and I did start playing, I was hitting the ball so short. I couldn't push off of my right side.

And as I said, as I said to Christine, I tore it a couple more times throughout the year, and needed the injections to try and heal the wound.

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