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Tiger Woods' House


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Jupiter Island House and Golf Practice Facility
Tiger Woods House in Jupiter Island, Florida

An overhead view of Tiger Woods' house and 12-acre estate in Jupiter Island, Florida.

© JeffRealty.com; used with permission
Tiger Woods' house on Jupiter Island, Fla., makes his previous house in Windermere, Fla., seem small and cheap.

Tiger Woods, and his then-wife Elin Nordegren, purchased the Jupiter Island property in 2006, paying a reported $40 million for the 12-acre grounds and the 9,000-square-foot-plus beachfront home that stood on the property.

And then they tore the existing house down. While remaining in their Isleworth house in Windermere, the Woodses tore down the Jupiter Island house in order to build a new home and reshape the property.

The Woods' relationship ended in divorce in 2010, which happened to be the same year that the remaking of the Jupiter Island house, and addition of a "backyard" practice facility, finally approached completion. The result can be seen in the photo: The house sits back a bit from Intracoastal Waterway, with much of the "yard" given over to a golf practice area, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. Woods moved into the Jupiter Island house in 2011, after Nordegren also left the Isleworth home for her new house.

The golf practice facility was first described by Florida luxury realtor and golf property expert Cary Lichtenstein, in the blog on JeffRealty.com, and his interpretation of the image above was pretty good.

But in March 2011, Tiger Woods himself described the practice facility in a blog post on his Web site. Woods, writing that he was moving into the Jupiter Island home "pretty soon," described the practice facility as a project of Tiger Woods Design. Woods wrote:

"Working with my team, I designed the short-game facility and oversaw its construction. It features four greens, six bunkers with different depths and kinds of sand, a video center and a putting studio. If no wind is blowing, the longest club I can hit is a 7-iron. It's also set up so I can hit shots out of my second-story studio."

Other details revealed on TigerWoods.com include that fact that the four greens are all differently contoured with turfgrass management systems in place that allow fine-tuning of green speeds; that different types of turf are used around the facility to replicate different playing conditions; that the turf is kept at both fairway and rough heights in different locations; that it includes a "wedge range" and allows the practicing of every conceivable shot of 150 yards or less.

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