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What are Tiger Woods' Worst Scores as a Pro on the PGA Tour?


Tiger Woods reacts to a poor shot

Even Tiger Woods has bad days on the golf course.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers - some even suggest the greatest - in the sport's history. But that doesn't mean he's always on his game. Even the greats have bad days on the course. What about Tiger's bad days? Here's a look at Woods' worst scores, both his worst 18-hole scores and also his most strokes over par for a tournament.

Highest Scores for One Round
What are the worst 18-hole PGA Tour scores carded by Tiger Woods as a pro? Fourteen times in his pro career Woods has posted a score of 77 or higher in PGA Tour events. Here are Woods' highest scores for one round of golf, in PGA Tour events, as a pro:

81 - 2002 British Open, third round
79 - 2014 Farmers Insurance Open, third round
79 - 2013 Memorial, third round
79 - 2010 Quail Hollow Championship, second round
78 - 2014 WGC Cadillac Championship, final round
78 - 1996 Tour Championship, second round
78 - 1999 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, third round
77 - 1997 Las Vegas Invitational, third round
77 - 1998 Bay Hill Invitational, final round
77 - 1998 Buick Open, third round
77 - 2002 Buick Invitational, second round
77 - 2010 WGC Bridgestone Invitational, final round
77 - 2011 PGA Championship, first round
77 - 2014 British Open, second round

Most Strokes Over Par for Tournament
What about Woods' worst tournament finishes in relation to par as a pro on the PGA Tour? Six times in his pro career Woods has completed a 72-hole PGA Tour event at 10-over par or higher. Those tournaments are:

18-over - 2010 WGC Bridgestone Invitational (74-72-75-77)
13-over - 2013 U.S. Open (73-70-76-74)
12-over - 2003 PGA Championship (74-72-73-73)
10-over - 2004 U.S. Open (72-69-73-76)
10-over - 1999 British Open (74-72-74-74)
10-over - 1998 U.S. Open (74-72-71-73)

Note that five of the tournaments on the above list are majors and Woods' scores weren't necessarily bad; at the 1999 British Open, for example, Woods' 10-over score was good for a Top 10 finish. However, Woods' 18-over at the 2010 Bridgestone put him in next-to-last place.

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