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When and where was Tiger Woods' first win in a major championship?


Tiger Woods 1997 Masters - first win in a major

Tiger Woods received the Green Jacket from 1996 champ Nick Faldo after winning the 1997 Masters, Woods' first victory in a major championship.

Stephen Munday / Getty Images
Question: When and where was Tiger Woods' first win in a major championship?
Answer: The first win in a major championship by Tiger Woods was his victory at the 1997 Masters. Woods gave a record-setting performance that week, setting new marks including these:
  • At age 21, he was the youngest-ever winner of The Masters
  • He won by 12 strokes, the largest-ever margin of victory in a Masters
  • His final score of 270 was a new record as lowest winning score in a Masters
Woods won the tournament going away despite getting off to a very rough start. He carded a 40 over his opening nine holes of the 1997 Masters. But Woods shot 30 on the second nine that day, then took control in the second round with a 66.

For more, see the recap and final scores of the 1997 Masters.

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