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What was the Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement with Elin Nordegren?


Question: What was the Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement with Elin Nordegren?
Answer: What was in the Tiger Woods divorce settlement? Who got what? How much money did Elin Nordegren receive? Who got the kids, the house, the dogs?

The only detail known with certainty about the Tiger Woods divorce settlement is that Tiger and Elin agreed to share custody of their two children. That detail was included in the divorce judgment entered in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., on Aug. 23, 2010.

Nordegren was represented during the proceedings by the law firm of McGuireWoods LLP (in whose London office her twin sister Josefin worked); Woods was represented by Sasser, Cestero and Sasser P.A.

That judgment acknowledged that Woods and Nordegren had finalized on July 3, 2010, a "marriage settlement agreement." Presumably, that agreement is the one that spelled out the specifics of how the couple's belongings and money were divided. However, that settlement has never become public.

And, therefore, everything else you hear about the Tiger Woods divorce settlement is speculation. Perhaps some of that speculation is spot-on; surely, much of it is baseless.

There were many breathless reports in the months leading up to the divorce that Nordegren would receive from half a billion dollars to $750 million. Those reports were absurd, and while we don't know for sure what amount of money Nordegren received as part of the Tiger Woods divorce settlement, we can say with certainty it was much, much less than that.

So how much did Elin get? The most reliable reports indicate that Nordegren received in the neighborhood of $100 million, $110 million, plus monthly child support that reportedly is in the neighborhood of $20,000. Remember: These reports are speculative based on "insiders" and "family friends" and "sources" whose identities are never revealed. But those figures appear to be generally accepted as in the ballpark.

Based on their post-divorce living arrangements, one thing we can say with a bit more confidence is that Nordegren kept their home in Windermere, Fla., while Woods kept the Jupiter Island property and home they bought and started renovating in 2007.

Early reports, prior to the announcement of the divorce, indicated that part of the Tiger Woods divorce settlement was Elin's silence - a gag order. But shortly after the finalized divorce was announced, Elin gave an interview to People magazine. She said it would be her only interview, but she did talk, belying any agreement to keep quiet.

Any other details remain unknown as of this writing, although surely more will emerge over time.

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