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Tiger Woods' Clubs: What's in Tiger's bag?


PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL - MARCH 02: Tiger Woods plays a shot on the third hole during the final round of The Honda Classic at PGA National Resort and Spa on March 2, 2014 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

What golf clubs does Tiger Woods play? Which clubs are in Tiger's bag? As of mid-2014, here are the clubs in use by Woods:

Clubs in Tiger's Bag

  • Driver: Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour
  • *Fairway Woods: Nike VR_S Covert 3 Wood (15 degrees), Nike VR_S Covert 5 Wood (19 degrees)
  • Irons: Nike VR Pro Blades
  • Wedges: Nike 56 degree VR Pro sand wedge and Nike 60 degree VR Pro lob wedge
  • Putter: Nike Method 001

(*Depending on course requirements, Woods will carry either a 5-wood or a 2-iron, but not both, according to information on his website, tigerwoods.com.)

More Tiger Woods Equipment

As of mid-2014, Woods was also using this equipment:

  • Golf balls: Nike One Tour D
  • Golf shoes: Nike TW 14
  • Glove: Nike Dri-FIT Tour

(Source for equipment IDs: TigerWoods.com)

Background on Tiger's Clubs

Woods has been with Nike Golf from the moment he turned pro in 1996. However, he hasn't always played Nike Golf equipment. Why? Because at the time Woods turned pro back in 1996, Nike was only making golf shoes - not golf clubs. Nike had to create its golf division in order to woo Woods, and had to staff it and start designing clubs after signing Tiger.

So in the early part of his career, Woods played Titleist golf clubs and balls. The first Nike Golf equipment that Woods put into play in a tournament was the Tour Accuracy TW golf ball, which Woods began using in 2000.

Over the ensuing years, Woods gradually swapped out his Titleist clubs for Nike clubs. For example, Woods switched to a Nike Forged driver in 2003, went back to a Titleist driver, then stuck with Nike drivers for good after trying the Nike Ignite in 2004.

But it was only in 2010 that Woods finally reached an all-Nike bag. He had stuck with a Titleist Scotty Cameron putter, but in 2010 put the Nike Method putter into play. At that point, Woods had nothing but Nike Golf clubs and balls in his bag.

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