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What are Tiger Woods' Career Earnings?


Question: What are Tiger Woods' Career Earnings?
Answer: Tiger Woods' career earnings on the PGA Tour totaled, through the end of the 2013 season, just over $109 million.

Tiger's total earnings were $109,504,139 on the PGA Tour, from the time he turned pro in the summer of 1996 through the end of 2013.

Woods' career income, including both on-course and off-course earnings, was more than $1.3 billion according to Golf Digest. Since 2003, Golf Digest has compiled the Top 50 earners in golf, combining on-course and off-course income. But the magazine has gone back to 1996, when Woods turned pro, to estimate Woods' total income during the course of his career.

When his overall 2013 earnings were computed, Woods' total career earnings - combining winnings in golf along with other business deals, endorsement deals, licensing deals, etc. - was $1,316,270,600, according to Golf Digest's estimates.

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