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Tiger Woods Majors

Wins in Major Championships by Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods 2005 Masters

The 2005 Masters was one of Tiger Woods' major wins.

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Below is the list of Tiger Woods majors, those major championships won by the golfer. We start with the most recent and work our way back to the first (the 1997 Masters). Check out the career majors list to see where Woods ranks in relation to other all-time greats.

You can also view the list of all Tiger Woods wins.

And finally, in addition to the list below, you can view photos of Woods at each of the majors he's won, read a brief recap of each of his wins, and view the Top 5 finishers at each, by clicking one of these four links:
Tiger Woods Masters
Tiger Woods US Open
Tiger Woods British Open
Tiger Woods PGA Championship

Finally, here is the list of Tiger Woods majors:

14. U.S. Open

13. PGA Championship

12. PGA Championship
11. British Open

10. British Open
9. The Masters

8. U.S. Open
7. The Masters

6. The Masters

5. PGA Championship
4. British Open
3. U.S. Open

2. PGA Championship

1. The Masters

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