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Tiger Woods Trivia Quizzes


Tiger Woods 1996 Las Vegas Invitational - first pga tour win

How well do you know Tiger Woods? The location of this photo comes up in one of the trivia quizzes listed on this page.

J.D. Cuban / Getty Images
If you think you know Tiger Woods trivia, we have a few quizzes to test your knowledge. Our quizzes include questions with varying degrees of difficulty, and the four Tiger Woods quizzes listed below cover different periods of his life and career. Choose the quiz you'd like to try:

Quiz: Tiger Woods in major championships
This quiz includes 12 questions, all of them focused on Tiger Woods' accomplishments in the four golf majors.

Quiz: Tiger Woods as a professional (non-majors)
Once Tiger turned pro, he won and won often on the PGA Tour. The 15 questions in this quiz are about his exploits as a professional - but only in non-majors (since major championships are covered in the first quiz listed above).

Quiz: Tiger Woods in youth, junior and amateur golf
Tiger Woods got an early start in golf, but as soon as he got started he started turning heads. The 12 questions in this quiz focus on his golf life before he turned pro.

Quiz: Personal and family questions about Tiger Woods
How well do you know Tiger Woods' background and what do you know about his family? This quiz poses 10 questions about who Tiger is and where he comes from.

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