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Tiger Woods Scandals - Updates


Tiger Woods

This probably captures the mood after the Tiger Woods scandals broke into the open in late 2009.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images
Below, in reverse chronological order (older stuff at the bottom, newer stuff at the top) are updates on the various Tiger Woods scandals that exploded in late November 2009. An early morning car accident brought out into the light of day allegations and rumors of marital infidelity. For even earlier updates, refer back to the Tiger Woods car accident and Tiger Woods affair pages; those pages are no longer updated as all updates are now listed here.

Tiger, Elin divorce is now final
Read the brief joint statement issued by Tiger and Elin.

It's official: Woods returning at The Masters
Ending months of speculation, Tiger Woods announced that he will return to tournament golf at the 2010 Masters.

What would you say to Tiger?
Imagine you have 60 seconds to speak to Tiger Woods. What would you say?

Gatorade cuts ties with Tiger
Gatorade is the latest company to end an endorsement deal with Tiger Woods.

Transcript of Tiger's statement
Read the full transcript of Woods' statement/apology from the morning of Feb. 19, 2010.

Woods apologizes, offers no timetable for return
Tiger Woods issues apologies all around, but fails to say when he plans to return to the PGA Tour.

Els Slams Tiger; Woods to Play Palmer?
Ernie Els says the timing of Woods' announcement is "selfish." Meanwhile, rumor is Arnold Palmer will attend Tiger's public statement, where Woods will say he is playing in Palmer's tournament.

Tiger's Real First Public Appearance
Here is a photo of what was Tiger's real first public appearance since the November car crash.

Tiger Schedules Public Statement, Apology
Tiger Woods' agent announces Woods will make a public statement that will include an apology and discussion of his plans.

Latest rumor: Tiger returning at Tavistock Cup
The when-is-Tiger-returning rumor du juor: The Tavistock Cup is now the front-runner.

Accenture Match Play ready for Tiger - just in case
Rumors say that Tiger might return at the Accenture Match Play Championship. Tournament official say they are prepared - even though they don't know if the rumors are true.

Woods leaving rehab, returning to Tour?
Thinly sources reports say that Tiger Woods has completed rehab for sexual addiction and plans to get back on the PGA Tour soon.

Tiger photographed at rehab?
The National Enquirer publishes photos it claims are of Tiger Woods at a sexual addiction rehab clinic in Mississippi.

Where in the world is Tiger Woods?
Rumors continue to fly about Woods' whereabouts, with the latest centering on a sex addiction rehab facility in Mississippi.

Tiger Talks ... to Roger Federer
Tiger hasn't been seen or heard since his accident, but when Roger Federer calls, Woods picks up the phone.

GM says no more cars for Tiger
General Motors stops providing Woods with rent-free vehicles; and Jesper Parnevik says he's going to keep quiet about what he knows about Tiger.

PGA Tour returns, but when will Woods?
The 2010 PGA Tour season tees off without Tiger Woods. When might Woods return? Vote in the poll.

AT&T drops Tiger Woods
The telecommunications giant ends its sponsorship of the embattled golfer.

Golf Digest suspends Tiger's articles
Golf Digest is suspending publication of its Tiger Woods-bylined instructional articles. Is it because the magazine now knows the truth behind Woods' 2007 Men's Fitness spread?

Report: Woods not part of Toronto doctor/PED investigation
Sources close to the investigation of Toronto Dr. Anthony Galea tell the Buffalo News that there is no evidence linking Tiger Woods to PEDs, and the Woods is not involved in or implicated by the investigation.

Tiger tidbits: Elin hires bigshot divorce attorney?
Elin Nordergren hires a legendary divorce attorney? Is Tiger headed for rehab? And more stuff.

Tawdry Tiger update of the day
Federal and state investigations? Divorce? Payoffs to mistresses? Whew.

Doctor who treated Woods under investigation
A prominent Canadian sports medicine doctor who treated Tiger Woods is under investgation by the FBI and the RCMP, suspected of providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs. There is no indication, it should be noted, that is suspected of providing Woods specifically with any PEDs. He did, however, administer a somewhat controversial procedure to help speeds Woods' recovery from knee surgery.

Accenture fires Tiger Woods
One of Tiger Woods' major sponsors, Accenture, ends its relationship with the golfer.

Sponsors begin pulling back from Woods
Some of Tiger Woods' sponsors begin pulling back from the embattled star.

Tiger Woods announces 'indefinite break' from golf
Apologizing again for his "infidelities," Tiger Woods announces he is taking a hiatus from tournament golf to focus on being a better father and husband.

Woods obtains UK court order banning publication of nudie pics
Do nude photos - possibly even video - of Tiger Woods exist? His lawyers aren't taking any chances in he UK.

Greg Norman talks sense about Tiger
Greg Norman makes some very good points about the Tiger Woods scandals.

Nicklaus on Tiger: 'None of my business'
Jack Nicklaus makes his first public comments on the Tiger Woods scandals.

Nude photos of Tiger Woods?
How low can the Tiger Woods scandals go? This low.

Gatorade Tiger being discontinued
Gatorade ends production of its "Tiger Focus" line, but it doesn't appear to be related to the Tiger Woods scandals.

Woman taken in ambulance from Woods house
Another early morning 911 call from the Woods residence, this one turning out to involve Elin Nordegren's mother.

Police report: Trooper suspected Tiger of DUI
The police report on Tiger's car accident is released, and it shows that a Florida State Trooper suspected Woods of driving under the influence.

Tiger Woods Jokes: The good, the bad and the ugly
Here's a roundup of some of the earliest jokes to emerge about the Tiger Woods scandals, plus plenty of comments from readers with more jokes.

Torrey Pines tourney seeking sponsor, with Tiger as the bait
The PGA Tour's Torrey Pines tournament lost its title sponsor. But with speculation that Woods might make his PGA Tour return here, the tournament is pitching itself to new sponsors.

Parnevik slams Tiger
Jesper Parnevik says he regrets introducing Elin Nordegren to Tiger Woods.

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