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Tiger Woods FAQ

Questions and Answers about Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods
Scott Halleran / Getty Images
Have questions about Tiger Woods? Well, we have have answers. That's what this Tiger Woods FAQ is for, after all. We've just started building the content for this page, so the list below will be growing quickly over time. For now, click on links below or see our Tiger Woods Index for much more about the famous golfer.

For an overview that focuses on Tiger's golf, see the Tiger Woods biography.

On-Course Accomplishments

Personal Details

Tiger Woods Family
This page points you to information about Woods' immediate family members, including his parents, kids, ex-wife, siblings and niece.

Tiger Woods Name
What is Tiger Woods' real name? That's the question answered here. And you can find more details (such as the origins and original meanings) of his first name and middle name, plus his nicknames. And by the way, did Tiger legally change his first name?

His Goodies

Business and Finance

And More Stuff

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