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"Big Break X: Michigan" Cast Photos and Bios


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Rachel Melendez and Otis Smith
Rachel Melendez - Otis Smith - Big Break X
Courtesy of The Golf Channel; used with permission
Otis Smith and Rachel Melendez are colleagues, each working on-site at Charlie Yates Golf Course in the East Lake community of Atlanta.

Rachel Melendez

  • Birth Date: 4/27/81
  • Current Residence: Atlanta, Ga.
  • Hometown: Peachtree City, Ga.
  • College: University of Georgia
  • Family: Married
  • Occupation: First Tee of East Lake
  • Three words to describe teammate: Competitive, Ambitious, Dedicated
Otis Smith
  • Birth Date: 6/22/71
  • Current Residence: Stone Mountain, Ga.
  • Hometown: Decatur, Ga.
  • College: Columbia College
  • Family: Married/ Two Children
  • Occupation: Golf Professional
  • Three words to describe teammate: Supportive, Dependable, Committed
Melendez, a native of Puerto Rico, played college golf at Penn State and then transferred to the University of Georgia. She left competitive golf while at Georgia to focus on studies. The Golf Channel says: "Her work paid off as she graduated with honors and found success in the corporate world." But missing golf, she returned as an instructor for the First Tee of East Lake, at Charlie Yates Golf Course.

And that's the course where Smith works as a golf professional. Smith, who grew up near the course he now works at, didn't pursue golf as a career until into his 30s. He had worked in corporate human resources prior to turning to golf. Smith has played in Nationwide Tour Monday qualifiers, but has yet to make it into the main draw of a professional tour event.

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