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"Big Break X: Michigan" Cast Photos and Bios


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Sherri McDonald and Michael Michaelides
Sherri McDonald - Michael Michaelides - Big Break X
Courtesy of The Golf Channel; used with permission
Michael Michaelides and Sherri McDonald are collegiate golf coaches at rival schools, and also work at rival golf clubs. They are, in other words, friendly rivals.

Michael Michaelides

  • Birth Date: 1/18/78
  • Current Residence: East Elmhurst, N.Y.
  • Hometown: Whitestone, N.Y.
  • College: Long Island University
  • Family: Married
  • Occupation: Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach at Long Island University / Head Golf Professional/Lead Instructor for Simductive Golf at Mercer County Golf Academy (Trenton, N.J.)
  • Three words to describe teammate: Genuine, Fun, Competitive
Sherri McDonald
  • Birth Date: 4/17/73
  • Current Residence: Lambertville, N.J.
  • Hometown: West Palm Beach, Fla.
  • College: Penn State University
  • Family: Single
  • Occupation: Head Women's Golf Coach at Monmouth University / Lead Instructor at Eagle Ridge Golf Club (Lakewood, N.J.)
  • Three words to describe teammate: Driven, Confident, Wild
McDonald played collegiate golf at Penn State, and wanted to pursue a professional career but back problems - and problems finding sponsors - prevented her from pursuing the tour. She became head coach of the women's golf team at Monmouth University in 2002.

Michaelides was the two-time team MVP on the men's golf team at Long Island University, the school where he now coaches the men's and women's golf teams. He has experience playing the mini-tours, and has worked at various clubs and courses including Bethpage.

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