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"Big Break X: Michigan" Cast Photos and Bios


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Sally Dee and David Mobley
Sally Dee - David Mobley - Big Break X
Courtesy of The Golf Channel; used with permission
Friends from the long-drive circuit, Sally Dee and David Mobley met at an LDA event in 2003.

Sally Dee

  • Birth Date: 12/17/70
  • Current Residence: Tampa, Fla.
  • Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.
  • College: University of South Florida
  • Family: Single
  • Occupation: Sales Representative
  • Three words to describe teammate: Happy, Talkative, Talented
David Mobley
  • Birth Date: 8/10/65
  • Current Residence: Huntersville, N.C.
  • Hometown: Brundidge, Ala.
  • College: Troy University
  • Family: Married/Three children
  • Occupation: Golf Entertainer
  • Three words to describe teammate: Smoking hot babe
A year after meeting on the Long Drivers of America circuit, Dee and Mobley each won their respective divisions in the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.

Both players say they like that each has "an actual golf swing." Mobley has played in tournaments on the Nationwide Tour and Hooters Tour. Dee was a member of the LPGA Tour beginning in 1998 and finished as high as 75th on the money list (2000), but an elbow injury knocked her off Tour.

Mobley still plays the long-drive circuit, but Dee is no longer involved in competitive golf.

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