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Tommy Gainey, a k a 'Tommy Two Gloves'


Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey

Bet you can't guess why Tommy Gainey is nicknamed 'Two Gloves' ... OK, you guessed it: he wears two gloves!

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About Tommy Gainey:

Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey first gained notice as a cast member on two different seasons of the Golf Channel series The Big Break. He first appeared in The Big Break IV, then returned and won the title on Big Break VII: Reunion.

Gainey's unorthodox swing and quiet but pronounced Southern drawl endeared him to Golf Channel viewers. And he went on from those experiences to forge a successful golf career.

Below is information about golfer Tommy Gainey, some from the biographies that the Golf Channel distributed during his Big Break appearances, and more from About.com about Gainey's PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour successes.


Date of birth: August 13, 1975
Place of birth: Darlington, S.C.
Hobbies: Shooting pool, listening to music, basketball
Nickname: "Two Gloves"

Why is he called 'Two Gloves'?
Because he wears two golf gloves, of course. Gainey wears black, wet-weather golf gloves, one on each hand, at all times when playing golf - even while putting. Gainey's first sport was baseball, where wearing two batting gloves is common. He simply transferred that practice to golf when he picked up this sport.

Tommy Two Gloves Gets Going:

Collegiate Golf Experience: None
Amateur/Professional: Before his appearances on Big Break, Gainey played a variety of mini-tours, including the Gateway Tour, Carolinas Tarheel Tour, US Golf Tour, and he also played on the Hooters Tour, the third-level American men's tour. After his appearances on Big Break, Gainey steadily climbed the ranks, earning Nationwide Tour appearances and status, and then PGA Tour status. More details below on Gainey's PGA Tour/Nationwide Tour accomplishments.

Highlights from Gainey's Golf Channel Bio:

As noted above, when Gainey appeared on two seasons of The Big Break, the Golf Channel distributed biographical details about him - the first information about Gainey that golfers learned. Here are some of the highlights from those bios:

  • "A small-town golfer hailing from small-town USA, the South Carolina drawl hangs on Tommy Gainey's lips like Spanish moss on a live oak. His approach is straightforward, a philosophy about life that mirrors his take on golf that tells him to just trust it and hit it."
  • "This self-made golfer has got game ... having once shot a 59 during a friendly round with some Nationwide Tour buddies. He missed a 12-footer for birdie that would have given him a score of 58, but he was more concerned about not making birdie."
  • "Having lived in Bishopville (S.C.) all his life, Tommy had to find ways to keep playing the game he loves while also trying to make a living. He wasn't recruited out of high school because he had no connections of his own and, as he says, 'Small towns get overlooked.' "
  • "He spent years working as an assembly line worker in a water heater factory and a furniture mover to keep money in his pocket and earn enough to play a round of golf when he could. Finances always were an obstacle. It finally took a friend willing to risk $750 so Tommy could play in his first professional event. Fortunately, Tommy was able to make that money back, and then some, by winning the event and $15,000."

Two Gloves Reaches the Big Time:

Gainey made a few appearances on the Nationwide Tour and had some successes Monday qualifying in 2007, then he made it through Q-School to earn his 2008 PGA Tour card. He's been a member of the PGA Tour or Nationwide Tour ever since. His best finish on the PGA Tour going into the 2012 season was second place (2008 Children's Miracle Network Classic), and he added three thirds in 2011. His first PGA Tour victory happened at the 2012 McGladrey Classic. Gainey also won twice on the Web.com Tour.

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Tommy Gainey Web Sites and Headlines:

Tommy Gainey's personal Web site
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About.com Headlines about Tommy Two Gloves
Over the years, since his first Big Break appearance, we've noted some of Gainey's breakthroughs. Some of those About.com headlines include (in chronologic order, starting with the earliest):

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