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Sophie Sandolo


Sophie Sandolo - Big Break Kaanapali

Sophie Sandolo of "Big Break Kaanapali"

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
Sophie Sandolo is a cast member on the Golf Channel series "Big Break: Kaanapali." The shaded text below is the "official" "Big Break: Kaanapali" profile of this golfer provided by the Golf Channel.
Sophie Sandolo pictures

Residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Hometown: Nice, France
Date of birth: July 20, 1976
College: UCLA
Home course: Royal Mougins Golf Club, Mougins, France
Interests: Sailing and biking
Family: Single

About Sophie Sandolo:

Probably best-known for her racy calendars - some of which include nudity - Sandolo has been a fully exempt member of the Ladies European Tour since 2000. While she has not yet won an LET event, she has 15 Top 10 finishes and has placed as high as 15th on the money list. Her best finish of 2007 was eighth at the Tenerife Ladies Open. Sandolo played one year of college golf at UCLA and won the European Amateur Championship in 1999.
• More photos: Sandolo on the course
• In the blog: Sophie Sandolo calendars
The Golf Channel says:

Sophie Sandolo is clearly more than a pretty face. A seasoned player on the Ladies European Tour, she's confident "Big Break Ka'anapali" will be her next step towards achieving the current goal of playing on the LPGA.

Regardless of what she has done on the course to this point, though, it is appearing in three calendars that has put the Italian model in the public eye.

The Monaco, Monte Carlo, resident has had many "crazy ideas" to promote herself and golf in general, of which the most out-of-character led the self-labeled "shy" Sandolo to shoot a provocative calendar in 2005. It was so successful that she produced a calendar in both 2006 and '07 as well, with each edition showcasing her in revealing photography of an artistic and sexy nature.

"I'm strongly convinced that women's golf needs more visibility and glamour and to present itself in a new, younger and intriguing way," Sandolo said. "In the last few years women's golf made some giant steps but the road is still long. I wish that my calendars could bring more notoriety and a bigger diffusion to the sport I play and I love so much."

She has obtained international visibility on major TV networks (CNN, CNBC, BBC) and fashion magazines, including FHM and Vanity Fair. In addition she was featured in ESPN.com "Page 2" as one of the hottest female atheletes in 2006.

Ironically, the calendar's publicity may have done a disservice to her golf in the sense many do not realize she is an accomplished player. Sandolo has amassed 15 top-10 finishes in her Ladies European Tour career and finished as high as 15th on the money list.

Currently an LET board member, her commitment and dedication to helping grow the tour is the main reason she has never seriously attempted to move to the United States and compete on the LPGA.

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